"Likes Me Emotionally"?

OK a few nights ago I went full on insecure goofy mode and doubted a guy's motivation for a second date. The responses ranged from supportive
to well deserved kick in the butt. I immediately on posting tried to take it. back; this is how I discovered you can't. Lol.

Long story short, first meeting, went great, he arranged second date before I even left. To my surprise he texted me mid week just to see how my week was and remind me if the upcoming date. Yeah, I feel like a heel for doubting himnow. But... this is an odd turn of phrase he used during that text.

He teased me about wanting to take
me out to gain 400 pounds (inside joke between us) and without missing a beat I told him to go back on the site, there were lots of 400+ pound girls there (again, inside joke. He made it quite plain he likes me physically that night) His response was "but I like you emotionally.". Now I know what I think
he was saying, but it was such an odd
turn of phrase (he isn't native to this country though he has been here over ten years). Of course we are far to new to expect anything to develop yet, but was this a way to say he genuinely likes me so far? Or am I missing a meaning here? What an odd thing to say. I immediately steered the texts in other directions because this gave me a genuine WTF did he mean moment. Like... he likes my emotions because I passionate and funny?

It will be cool as I am seeing him again soon, he made sure to repeat that. But if I decode this with certainty... will help my mindset next date. Remember I am just now accepting he may want more than The Guy Who Broke My Heart Over Sex did, so very gun shy.

Yes I am older, but that doesn't mean I am immune to heartbreak and disappointment.


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  • You're really over-thinking all this. It's not gonna get you anywhere trying to analyze into dust every little thing he says, and certainly not in a text after only one date. I would advise you to get out of your own way and stop making things so hard.

    • Ha. Irony is until the last guy pulled his stunts I took everything at face value and never doubted a thing. Ever in my dating life. Now I am like a sad little 15 year old trying to pre-empt another ouchie to my ego and heart.

      Dang. That IS pathetic. I need to get my sh%t back together.

  • Sounds like he was saying he likes your personality, not just your physical beauty


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