Girls who have mixed feelings?

Okay so there's this girl I've been talking to but I'm not to sure if I should move things forward. We use to flirt a while ago but now she's more distant and more focus and school and says she doesn't have time for a bf she just wants to chill. I still talk and text her every now and then but I really like this girl so I confronted her but she said she had mixed feelings. Any advice girls on how I can maybe make her feel more comfortable with me and like me more?


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  • i had the same problem and honestly i think you should give her some time and space but still continue to show that you care. if you end up getting over her then its okay just dont hide that part from her because it might confuse her but otherwise there's really no way to make somebody like you more.


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  • She might not know how she feels about you as well because if she really liked you I think she would give you a shot at being her bf anyways. That's just my opinion. No matter how busy I am, I would still allow space for that special someone in my life if I really liked him.
    Keep trying, show her you care, be romantic, be understanding, she'll come around :)

  • Give her space. Or make your feelings clear.


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