Girls who suddenly want to meetup?

Ok so i've been talking to this girl I met online for about 2 weeks now. I tried to get her on a date already and she ignored all the details about use trying to meet. So now we were texting and she wants to meetup all of a sudden. wtf? I'm too tired to drive 45 minutes on a whim after a long day of work. Especially for a girl who seems a bit flaky. Plus it's like 10pm. I told her i'd take her out another time. She never texted back after that. This is the second girl who has wanted to go on a date all randomly like this. I'd prefer to plan it out and agree on a time and date. Girls and guys, what do you think? If it was in the middle of the day then yeah, maybe i'd be more likely to do it. I'm just too tired and don't feel all that great at the moment. It's kind of late so it kind of makes me wonder if she wants just wants to hookup. Which I'm not into.


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  • You were a back-up plan because they were bored. They're immature and you should forget about them.

  • Plan a day that works for you (weekend is best) then give her the time and if it's the first time you are meeting then meet there. Girls expect you to come to them so you're going to have to go to her neck f the woods... we girls don't like men who won't drive all the way to us (it says a lot).
    Do it if you think it's really worth it. Tell her since you're driving all that way you want to make sure she will make it.


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