Stuck on a "forbidden" crush?

There was a guy that I liked that I got over because I was told that he was crushing on somebody and that he would "corrupt" me because I am a "prude". Well, I saw a musical he is the lead in last weekend and I fell for him again. After the show we greeted and hugged... it felt so good, but I felt like I couldn't enjoy it because I couldn't fall for him again. Now that I have I think it's time to do something about it. He hasn't opened up to me yet, and doesn't really talk to me. How can I get him to open up to me, and WANT to talk to me?


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  • Teenage crushes! these things are quite common at your age. If you want to, just be frank with him about how you feel for him. If you'd rather not, then just let it pass. Teen crushes usually don't last too long. :)

    • This crush has been going on for a year now... not including the time I was over him...

    • Then just got ahead and confess. If he hasn't opened up until now, he probably never will. So now its up you to take the initiative. i mean... one of you has to do it, and it looks like he isn't the one to do that!

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