SOOO confused about girls feelings. please help/ if I get 10 girls opinions ill donate to GLAD?

ok this may get long.
this girl has shown interest in me for like a year. she has asked me out a lot. like 7 times

I either give a maybe, or a no but with a reasonable explanation. I never just rejected her, she was fine after too. it didn't bother her I don't think

she goes to Australia for about 3 weeks. around the first time I see her. I decide to ask her out.
she gets a nice smile on her face and says yes. she gives me her number, but my phone was in my office so she says she will give it tomorrow to me.

so tomorrow comes and I don't see her at all. ok could be busy. next day I see her she just walks by me, later I see her and ask for it again and she says something like I thought I gave it to you with a cute smile. come to my office at 3 and ill give it to you. I go there and she isn't there. ok could still be busy, I do believe that. but then later she sees me like 20 feet away and never tries to give it to me or anything.

next day I see her talking to a guy friend at work 2 or 3 times. I see her and she is leaning way back out of the way looking at me while talking to him. like she wants me to see her talking to him. like it was kind of obvious because she moved so he wasn't blocking her. and she was looking at me as she left.

I just don't get it. at what point did I go wrong? around asking for her number? why look at me while talking to other guy? no need to make me jealous I asked her out. to show she is talking to other guys? why say yes to date then? why not say she has bf or something?

the way I see it its on her to make next move right? She knows I want to take her out. please help me understand.


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  • okay, let me help you out here. if you dont mind. your initial mistake was turning her down 7 times. We women are resilient but there is only so much we will deal with even with good, legitimate excuses. A woman wants to feel wanted by a man. She obviously is secure in who she is because she approached you. However, we have egos too and they can be crushed. Now, you have placed yourself in the position where your chasing after her. Yes, she agreed to go out with you, a pretty smile and everything that helped that yes get through and the inclination the number would be given but now your on her time. She may very well be paying you back for the 7 very good intention times you turned her down. This doesn't mean she doesn't want to date you but she wants you to pay a little (hurt a little emotionally) like she did but will never tell you she did before she agrees to give you her number. This is an assurance for her that if she does give you her number there will be a date and no games involved. Because women who are secure in themselves don't have time for games. They go after what and who they want. Nothing more and nothing less. The guy just has to be ready to receive her. The question you need to ask yourself is Are you ready to receive her. Meaning no more excuses, make it work no matter what your taking her out because she is the top priority of the hour. Thats what every woman wants to see.

    • thank you for your response. I do agree with what you said. I wasn't playing games though to be fair. and the number situation. she gave it technically. and stare at me while talking to another guy? whats this do? its going to not get me to ask her again,

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    • The bottom line is you have to decide if you want to continue to entertain her. But to answer your question. Why ignore me once I asked you out? She may have felt the same way with your 7 rejections. Try seeing it from her point of view. If you asked a girl out 7 times and she nicely turned you down 7 times with legitimate excuses. Your ego, pride, feelings would be bruised. So consider how she is feeling. Then decide how you want to proceed. How would you proceed if you were pursuing you in this situation. ;)

    • you make good points. I think one of two things is happening either she does want to make me jealous and make me wait like I made her wait. or to long went by and im now in the friend zone. I guess I can't really blame her.

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  • If you turned her down 7 times, maybe she wants to make sure that you really like her.

    Why do you need to get her number? Why can't you just give her yours? Write it down on a piece of paper, tell her to call you if she ever wants to go out, and leave it at that. Then it's on her to make the next move.

    • Well, she has the number and she has made the move with him 7 times already. She is skeptical at least I would be.

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    • She's allowed to talk to other guys, just because she was talking to them it doesn't mean she was flirting with them.
      And even though you gave reasonable explanations she still could be unsure, because plenty of people come up with good excuses when they really don't want to date that person.
      And you asked her out once, okay great. But she asked you out seven times. She liked you so much that even when you turned her down she kept asking. So how much do you like her? Are you willing to ask her out a second time?

    • yea I think I probably deserve to play her game a little. thing is though I wasn't playing a game and if she likes me so much then she is obviously playing a game.

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  • I have no idea but damn she asked you out 7 times and no d*ck for her yet?

    It seems like in her mind you were playing games and she's playing the game she thought you were playing.

    There will come a time when telepathy is invented and we can communicate without speaking, yet we will never understand the female species.

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