I dream about this girl from my class every night?

So there's this girl from my school that i like, i've had a crush on her for almost three years. I've not had the guts to tell her, because i don't wanna be embarresed i front of everyone in my class. But now after almost three years of having a crush we started speaking a lot in school, and i started trying to make her happy. And now i started to dream about her every night. It's obvious that i like her, but when's the right time to tell her?


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  • Ask her out, see how things go and then tell her how you feel when the time is right!


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  • And how old r u?

    • Sorry I was jw.

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    • And that's three years

    • Ok. Bc this sounded like a guy from my school and it was freaking me out.

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  • There is no right time you just have to do it, sooner the better. If you get rejected, it happens, just move on, but at least you can say you tried.