Am I being played a fool?

I have been seeing my boyfriend since 2012, his daughter wants us to move in together. I have my hang ups about it, but want it too... one big hang up is that he goes to a website called fubar and flirts and chats with other girls... but will barely talk to me about anything... I sent him a friend request on Facebook, he denied it, I sent another one, and had a cute girl I am friends with send one too (after deleting me as a friend) and he accepted hers, but ignored mine again... He says he loves me, and shows it too... I just don't know if I am his "until something better comes along" or if I am what he wants...

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Should mention that my last relationship was an abusive one and made me very... gun-shy so to speak... really feel like deer in headlights here.


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  • Just tell him that this is a problem for you. And if he doesn't change then just dump him. I'm sure many other guys that wouldn't do that would be interested in you instead.


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  • If he really loves you and shows it then the social networks shouldn't be a problem, but since you do have a problem with it you should tell him and suggest he stop using them. If he refuses, that's when you know he would rather talk to girls online and lose the great woman he has in front of him. Not worth the stress.

  • Tbh he kinda seems like trash in disguise. I wouldn't trust it.

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