Is he TOO nice, should I be worried? Or am I just a bitch?

I wanna date him but I can't tell if it would be the worst decision ever:
He's always unbelievably nice (yeah that sounds sweet, but bear with me). Through text he's ALWAYS sending smiley/kissy faces. He's ALWAYS complimenting me.. He's never just being... normal. It's not that I don't appreciate this, but he's so nice that it almost seems like somethings off. It gets to the point where when he's complimenting me, it doesn't even seem genuine. And if he's NOT faking it, then it still sucks because I'm not always so 'jolly and nice'.. Sure I'm a love bug bottle of joy at times, but who is like that 24/7? I like to poke fun and joke sometimes and I can't do that with him. I have before and I can tell it hurt him :(

Sometimes I won't text him back for days and he'll keep texting me, never expressing anger.. not once. Hanging out gets exhausting because he openly worships me the whole time and puts me on a pedistal (ie. complimenting me the whole)

... But man he's gorgeous... and he has a body that is out of this world... sigh..


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  • My husband was like this for a while.. he still is. But... let me tell you, they are always sweet but they will also be fighting. I used to worry why my husband was always sooo nice, I used to ask him 'do you ever get mad?' and he would just laugh.. and as time passed, we fought here and there and I didn't worry anymore because he is nice and sweet but he is human and also has his 'asshole' moments. Don't worry, he seems to really really like you from what I read and thats always a good thing.

    • awwwww that gives me a little hope

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  • the dude is weird. he's obviously obsessed and I would just avoid the situation completely. you're going to end up waking up one day with one of your kidneys gone lmao. by what you're saying the dude just doesn't seem quite right. I would probably not reply to his messages and just find someone else to talk to haha good luck

    • its just hard to not respond because I've known him for years now... I guess I've been battling between the idea that either I'm crazy and ungrateful, orrrrr he's gonna murder me in my sleep one day

    • its really hard because if you date a crazy dude you might get killed in your sleep one day and if you don't date him... you might get killed in your sleep one day haha. sorry but I don't know enough about the situation to tell you much other than he's probably a crazy dude

  • lol I quess it makes sense. is he inexperienced? the times where I behaved like him turned out that the girls won't take it as obvious that I can't feel anger towards them or anything else than happyness


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