I get nauseus about this... why?

So this has happened with my ex and my current crush. Everytime I eat and the image of my crush comes into my mind, I feel nauseus or as if my appetite goes away. Why does this happen and how can I stop this? Also is there a meaning about this? Like my body wanting to tell me something or is it just a simple body reaction?


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  • Aww.. I have the same problem as you. Im 14 and when I think about him I start to get butterflies and everything stops around me and all I can focus on is him. Do you do this too or am I an absolute freak?

    • yes it happens to me too but i dont know if its exactly these "butterflies". i feel like I lose my appetite but i dont want that. i feel like im getting sick of her but its not like that at all. thinking that way shows i dont respect her that moment and i want this to stop :(

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    • Okay, no problemo

    • Yup, I got your pm by the way. Its under messages

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