GIRLS ; From your experience why do you do this... What message are you trying to send to me?

This happens in GENERAL with girls when I meet them.

When my friends introduce to a Girl , she is friendly and stuff. Offers me a drive or invites me to places. They act caring and stuff.

But when the girl's are with a group of guys, they seem to flirt with them a lot. In the sense they sit on the other guy's lap or kiss them on the cheek, or touch their arm in front of me

Around me they are quiet. I get like hugs or high fives sometimes. But once in a while.

Overall the seem quiet around me and flirt with other guys right in front of me.
Like this girl kissed my friend ( a guy) on the cheek after looking at me and then I looked away.

I am quiet and mind my own business, but I don't know why they do around me.

I need advice please.



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  • I think girls who act that way with guys they just met are attention-seeking and want all eyes on them to boost their ego.

    • Thank u :-) But I have noticed this with girls I meet in general. I wouldn't say it's co - incidence.
      Do u think they have some message they are trying to get across to me?

      UR SAY?

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    • What a bunch of Idiots all of us are... Thank's for saving us = P

  • It's probably your quiet personality. Girls wouldn't want to do those kind of things around you, because there worried you won't react well. Try to be a bit more outgoing.


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