This guy is very odd, can you help me analyse his behaviour to tell me if he's into me or not?

He's very communicative via text, in person he's shy (we've only met once)

I suggested meeting for a next date, he said he was busy which I accepted-but then he constantly text me like crazy. Then he asked me out for our next date-I accepted, then he cancelled on me because something came up. He kept on apologising about it as well. I said it was cool-coz I didn't want him to think Im annoyed (but I am-very).

I don't understand one minute he's into me and wants to make an effort (all via texting) but when we have a chance to meet he makes excuses. It's like he's scared to meet up? He was very shy/standoffish on our first date that I thought he didn't like me. But then he pursued me afterwards.

Im so confused, what should I do?


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  • He's just shy.

    Most people express themselves better non-verbally/over writing because there is less chances of fucking up and more time to craft your message to avoid misunderstandings.

    • How do I make him more comfortable? Do I take the lead?

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    • Yep. Any time.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Have you considered they're not excuses?
    Would you have preferred he hadn't texted you?
    How about telling him you're annoyed that he cancelled and you'd like to know what came up?

    • What do you mean, not excuses? I know what came up (family commitments) which is fine but he doesn't seem to want to rearrange. I get he's shy-is he waiting on me to ask him? I would tell him Im annoyed but we've only started seeing each other.

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    • Whatever you feel like.

    • TBH I don't feel like doing or saying anything to him.

  • It may be that he becomes incredible nervous when face to face and is more comfortable over technologhy

    • So what's your advice on what I should do? I'm so confused

    • You could try to take things slow to help him overcome this like skyping so he gets used to the face to face then go to reserved dates till he's ready for social dating

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  • He sounds like he is all talk on text and No action with his antics in meeting up for a Second date. With things not getting off the ground on your First encounter, he may be feeling 'Standoffish' that it could happen again and he is not confident enough right now to do a face to face.
    The most you can do right is just do as you are doing. Stay friends, keep it light and semi sweet. This could go on until the cows come home, for it seems he is more contented in pushing buttons on his end than hanging out and taking another chance that things may not go good in the stance.
    Good luck. xx

    • No our date was fine, it's his body language that made me feel he was shy. We spoke loads on our date. He is definitely a shy guy- he took forever to ask me out. I just don't want to pursue something that's going to take this long to get going? SO much effort and time I don't have. You see what I mean? What should I do?

    • I feel that with the First date, regardless, he has still some convictions about asking you for a second and is procrastinating because of them coy boy deal... It sounds as if it will take a lot of effort mostly on your part and if you cannot get him to even come out of his shell to do a second, you probably, as I say, stay friends on both ends, it will most likely never go anywhere.. It started with your First date.. he is unsure about a second and is making lame duck excuses. xx

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