I feel like my mom looks at me different, but she just wants me to be happy?

I am with a mixed guy, and I have been for almost a month.
I won't say I love him tons, but I do love him.
My dad. he left me at 2 and asked who I was in a relationship with. Only seen him twice in my life. I USED to have him on my Facebook but not anymore. I had him on my Facebook, because I thought "I guess he should know how I am in life" even though he's nothing like a dad to me..
BUT to my question. I found out my dad was racist. My mom and him were arguing. Then my dad told me "You won't get far in life. Your mom doesn't want you with him" YEEEET my mom never said that..
I met my boyfriend's dad and he is fully black. He called me very beautiful, and I found that nice! I am terrified to meet his family soon because I don't want his family to be racist like that either..
Advice would be amazing right now..


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  • YOU wanna be with that guy? So be with him. Sure, you're underage, but you have the right to choose who you wanna be with. Your parents (especially your dad who hasn't been there for you) can't tell you who you have to love, it's not up to them, but up to you.
    If I was in your situation I wouldn't listen to a word your father said, he wasn't there for me when I grew up, so he's not gonna be there the rest of my life.

    You said his father said you're beautiful; was he nice the rest of the time when you met him? Did he show any discomfort with you? If not, then you'll have nothing to worry about. Plus, I don't believe the thing that you have to be accepted by someone's family, in order to be with him/her. You're in a relationship with the guy, not with his whole family. Perhaps some members of his family won't like you, but who cares, he does, and that's what matters.
    He's mixed, so his parents are in the same situation as you now, it would be very hypocrite by them to not like you because you're white.

    Don't worry about your race when you meet his family, worry more on your impression as a person, that's what they'll focus on.


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  • Im mixed too btw! I know this struggle all too well, but its a passing thing. Why should you care what your parenrs think? Obviously if they are racists, their opinions dont matter all too much in regards to you. Now if you're getting grounded and hit because you're dating a mixed dude, then thats really bad. But just ignore them basically. I would just laugh it off like you dont believe that they can seriously be racist. Imagine they confront you again just be like "Hahaa whatt the heck, this isn't the 1960s hahahah." Because honeslty race isn't that big a deal.

    Not everybody will agree with the choice you make in life. When you start making decision based on if everybody will agree or not, they become everybody else's choices. You become another pawn in society, moving acording to the master. If you think for yourself you aren't even on the chess board. You get to make up the analogy for what you are. Its called identity. Be you

    • Hey, if you dont want to be with hin because of his race, go ahead. The main point is to do what you want because its what you want. Just ask yourself, do you care that he's mixed or did you like no even notice until somebody else brought it up?

  • I grew up in a racist household. So it's difficult when i date black girls, Just don't involve your family in this relationship unless you know you want to commit long term with him. I suggest waiting at least 6 moths before introducing him to your family, or introduce yourself. His family probably won't have a problem with you at all, he is already mixed so white people are probably ok with his family


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