Is my ex boyfriend playing mind games with me?

My ex bf basically dumped me around 3 weeks ago. At the time, he was torn whether he wanted to be with me or not and said he didn't want a relationship right now. I accepted it and told him he should have some time off.

Anyway, I've now been told by a mutual friend of ours that my ex is mad at me for not trying to get back in contact with him and that apparently my ex is watching me on whatsapp to see what times I chat with other people etc.

Why would my ex boyfriend be mad at me when he was the one, who didn't want to be with me in the first place? I only accepted his wish, even though I was extremely sad to let him go.


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  • Remember he dumped you not the other way around! Were you involved sexually with him? He may be missing the sex and is getting tired of jerking off. What do you think?

    • No, we never had sex (which is one of the reasons for why we broke up in the first place). I'm still a virgin and he got upset by the fact, that I didn't sleep with when he wanted to.

    • Screw him it is your body and your choice.

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