Should I say something to him? I don't know what to do... advice please?

So there's this one guy in one of my classes that I like. I normally do class work with him and two other friends (ill call them A and B). So while we are working he whispers something to A. I just ignore them. Then B asks me if I like him while he is standing 3 feel away. I say no even though I meant yes just cause I didn't want B to know or get involved. A bit later A asks me (while the guy i like is right there) if i would go to the movies with him. I would but instead of saying that pretend to get annoyed and tell him to cut it out with the nonsense. Yesterday (this stuff happened on thursday) the guy i like seemed to be ignoring me and not talking to me, or giving short responses. I felt bad cause i like him but didn't want to let him know in front of A and B. I slipped a note in his stuff explaining but i dont think he got it. what is the best thing to do now? I want him to know how i really feel about him.

and I got rejected :/


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  • Why are you so hesitant to have the others know you like this guy? I understand that you might feel embarrassed, but how bad do you want to date this cat?

    As a guy, what I think you need to do, is the next time you see this cat, corner him, and spill it. Tell him deliberately. Slap him, the kiss him if you have to, but lay it all out, loud, to hell with anyone around you. If he is worthy of you, he'll give you an honest response. If a girl put herself out there for me, I would be her complete slave.

    So what if you don't get a positive response? You're afraid of everyone pointing and laughing, right? Sure, that may happen, but from that point on, every guy will respect you. It is a VERY attractive quality to have. Of course if you can't muster up the balls to do it anywhere you see him, hell, follow him out of school, wait outside one of hiss classed, or get there earlier, or pull him into the bathroom... but tell him. Tell him soon. Sure, notes are cute and fun, but if you think he likes you too, and you tell him straight out, you'll most likely end up kissing by the end of that conversation. Honestly.

    I really hope everything works out for you, Sweetheart. Please let me know if I can add anything else. I really want to help you out.

    Good luck, and God bless.

    • Not sure honstly, a lot of people at my school see me as the tough hockey player girl and im kinda worried about loosing that reputation. and kinda badly actually. thats a pretty good idea though. you do have a really good point, thanks so much for helping!

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    • I'm jealous! I would have loved to spend a whole month in Germany. Ich habe das Lernen für eine Weile, aber immer noch Schwierigkeiten haben, bilden Sätze. You have to Message me, so I can give you my eMail. (I don't want to post it publicly right here.) I would be truly grateful if you let me ask you for some help, time to time. Would you let me do that?

    • yup. i understand spoken and listening to german a lot better. i hate writing it and can't really spell :/

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  • "I would but instead of saying that pretend to get annoyed and tell him to cut it out with the nonsense"

    This is why men will never understand women.


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  • I've been in a situation like this in high school as well. So here is what you need to know. Your crush was using A&B as his safe zone to feel you out. The part where they said would you hang out, that was the hint. I understand that you don't want them to know, but you could of said I'd have to think about. If he didn't get the first note, send it again. But if you are brave, you need to figure out how to get him alone, because clearly he is shy. He is ignoring you so he doesn't get hurt. I don't want you to be put in a situation where he will be defensive and try to embarrass you just to save face. So don't come near him in class or if his friends are around. Also never give a note from you to his or your friends to deliver. What I did was catch (my high school crush) in the hall, played like I had something to tell him and slipped the note into his hand and walked off. It's up to you, you can fix this. Just don't give up. Now with that said if he goes into jerk mode, ignore him like he did. Then the ball is in your court and if he really likes you he will figure out how to fix it. :)

    • ok, the thing is A and B are also my friends, we talk about sports a lot. on Friday we spent the whole class talking about hockey and snowboarding. that note idea is great. thanks so much for your help :)