How to French Kiss + full frontal bear hug when a large height difference?

Guy = 6'3"
Gal = 5'2"
obviously all the good stuff doesn't line up, so goodbye anything sensual.. it's like a giraffe bowing over to eat

Other than 1) her climbing one stair then turning around or
2) he lifts her up & her legs encompass him

how else do such people do the above while standing?


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  • Tell her to stand on your feet and on her tiptoes, buy her some high heels. I don't really know I'm 5'4 and my boyfriend is 6'1 so we don't have it AS bad but it does still suck sometimes. We tried to make out in the shower but I got a neck cramp so he just sat down in the shower to kiss haha. You just have to be creative I guess!


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  • SIGH
    there's so few aides at hand when you need one for this fantastic pleasure
    the best are stairs, as they must be between 7.25-7.75"ht = just about perfect for this to "fit" the lips & all important body parts

    sometimes standing on a sidewalk, other in street is ~6" curb but if higher the better in this case

    stack of books - rather unstable & awkward

    stumped from this point on, unless we begin to employ bent knees on something to make things equal

  • Shaq bends over or literally picks his Gf off the floor. Maybe something like that.


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