PLEASE HELP ME please I am friends/IDEK anymore with the most confusing guy ever?

- He told me he loves me two times.
- He admitted to liking me four times.
- My friends & parents say he's head over heels and confused.
- Every single time, he mentioned he can't date/isn't ready due to his Hinduism and parents frowning upon having a girlfriend.
- He says he loves me and then the next day freaks out and goes back on it, making me mad.
- He goes and begs my friends to make me not mad anymore.
- He forces me to forgive him all the time for the stupid things he does.
- He is ALWAYS watching me.
- He has sent me kiss emojis before.
- He once told me his parents don't want him texting so much but he still texts me anyway.
- He texts me FIRST ALL THE TIME.
- He glances at me every five seconds when he's talking to another girl.
- He gets uncomfortable when I'm talking to someone else and immediately gets up and finds a girl in the class to talk to.
- He takes louder than the normal volume when I'm around.
- He gets really hyper when I'm standing nearby
- Constantly going back on when he says he likes me as if it was a mistake or a regret or something scares him
- One time when we were in a fight, he went and asked a girl to Homecoming, and she said no. Later he told me he KNEW the girl would say no and his friends were forcing him to do it. I asked if it was to spite me since we were fighting and he immediately said "no of course not!!"
- He always runs away from confrontation.
- He told me his biggest secret is "fear of communicating how he feels"
- Yet... I was told that when he's in a group of guys and the guys mention that I'm cute he immediately starts to bad mouth me and make me look disgusting..
- He told a guy that likes me to not ask me out.
- He tells people I'm annoying?

  • He's in love/obsessed and doesn't know HOW to handle it.
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  • He hates you and has an ulterior motive..
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What Guys Said 1

  • He likes you most likely, just doesn't know how to conduct himself properly. This is a rather... extreme case, but yeah. However, this is probably not the guy you're looking for, if he keeps swinging between liking you and not liking you like that.


What Girls Said 1

  • HI^^ have you talked to him seriously before? I think that if you dont really LIKE the guy then he's not worth it and he is confused. You guys should talk ASAP!!

    • what do you mean? we did have a long talk. the most recent was a month ago and that was where he said to me he "loves" me and then when we hung up the phone he texted and said "never mind, just friends." and then i cut him off for a month because of how psychotic that was.
      And just recently we are friends and talking again. And I don't know what's going to happen now. we haven't discussed anything, but I can tell he is acting and feeling the same. I don't know if I want that sort of conversation again, it always ends with him lying to protect me because I don't know what...

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