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PLEASE HELP ME please I am friends/IDEK anymore with the most confusing guy ever?

- He told me he loves me two times.
- He admitted to liking me four times.
- My friends & parents say he's head over heels and confused.
- Every single time, he mentioned he can't date/isn't ready due to his Hinduism and parents frowning upon having a girlfriend.
- He says he loves me and then the next day freaks out and goes back on it, making me mad.
- He goes and begs my friends to make me not mad anymore.
- He forces me to forgive him all the time for the stupid things he does.
- He is ALWAYS watching me.
- He has sent me kiss emojis before.
- He once told me his parents don't want him texting so much but he still texts me anyway.
- He texts me FIRST ALL THE TIME.
- He glances at me every five seconds when he's talking to another girl.
- He gets uncomfortable when I'm talking to someone else and immediately gets up and finds a girl in the class to talk to.
- He takes louder than the normal volume when I'm around.
- He gets really hyper when I'm standing nearby
- Constantly going back on when he says he likes me as if it was a mistake or a regret or something scares him
- One time when we were in a fight, he went and asked a girl to Homecoming, and she said no. Later he told me he KNEW the girl would say no and his friends were forcing him to do it. I asked if it was to spite me since we were fighting and he immediately said "no of course not!!"
- He always runs away from confrontation.
- He told me his biggest secret is "fear of communicating how he feels"
- Yet... I was told that when he's in a group of guys and the guys mention that I'm cute he immediately starts to bad mouth me and make me look disgusting..
- He told a guy that likes me to not ask me out.
- He tells people I'm annoying?
He's in love/obsessed and doesn't know HOW to handle it.
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PLEASE HELP ME please I am friends/IDEK anymore with the most confusing guy ever?
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