Guys, what are those little things that make you feel good/happy? Not sex related?

There was another question on here addressing girls, so I was curious about the dude side of things.

What are those little things that tingle an "awww" kind of feeling? Like for some girls, it'd be patting their head or rubbing their shoulders. What actions make you happy? Do you like hearing certain comments from your SO?


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  • I like seeing/hearing her get excited about something. She does this little bunny hop thing, and a very specific smile that only comes when when she's excited in this way. Also, when she feels bad about something she'll speak with this adorable Boston accent. Ha! I also like being pounced on with cat noises (But she thinks she sounds like a tiger) And maybe biting my neck or just grabbing my chest or scratching my back? Is that weird?


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  • Just a tight sqeezey hug and an I love u baby will do for me. Simple things like that are worth more than sex

  • Well I do not like being patted on the head. I do like getting food made for me at random. Back rubs, my back is so tight only a professional can do any good. Random complements.


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