Is it just me or does nobody like me?

Before anyone says this, yes I'm aware that I'm still very young and that I have my whole life ahead of me. But even at this point it just feels as though I will never be able to find someone that truly will like me. My whole life that whenever I attempt to ask someone out she tells me no, or says yes but when you attempt to make plans with her she's always too busy. And that's not even including the ones that I don't even get the chance to ask out because I'm annoying or that I'm creepy (girls have actually used those words to describe me). I know that I may not be the most attractive looking guy out there, but it just seems like that nobody is willing to take the chance to get to know me. I'd like to think that I'm a nice guy, but given my history with relationships I'm not sure if I even am anymore. I mean the first relationship I was in I thought things were going good, but it turns out that they weren't and it ended up with her getting essentially a restraining order on me. Sorry for such a long story, but any kind of help would be much appreciated!

To answer Virtuous's question: No I'm not that outgoing of a person, I'd much rather stay in with my friends than go out to a bar for example. And now that I think about it a more appropriate question is why doesn't anybody want me?


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  • Don't attempt to change your personality because you seem like a great guy. Maybe next time you should ask the girl what she doesn't fancy about you and if it's something small like your hair you could fix it up. Just don't try to change your personality. Don't worry, women aren't products, we don't run out. You'll find your girls someday.


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  • I'm pretty sure it's going to be told for you again "You're still young you got a journey ahead of you"

    But anyways, I can relate to you in a job perspective at-least no employer wants to hire me and I have no fucking clue why so I'm stuck at this minimum wage shit fest job.

    I'm curious how outgoing you are as a person, are you friendly? are you needy? when you approach to someone who you have an interest for how do you go ways about it? Update your question instead of responding to me so everyone see's it.

    • Take a look at the original question, I updated it.

    • It's still hard for me to make an opinion that can help you out here.

      But really like chocomintstrawberry pointed out that you shouldn't really change who you are. But I definitely would recommend for you to take higher step to be an outgoing person and take it slow when someone you like such as having basic casual conversations or ask her a question that is interesting enough for her to have a nice chat with you.

    • This girl I'm currently seeing I took it very slow with her because I only see her at her work and first couple of weeks she never even notice me and just thought as some random when most of my conversations was just "hello," "hows your day?," "busy day?" something like that. Then as days goes by as I try to get her attention I try to ask her questions about her culture that also helps me out in the long run and then as days goes by we started to talk to each other a lot in that she is starting to notice me. Keep in mind we haven't dated yet but she doesn't think of me as a creep considering she works at a downtown district and she said yes to me when I asked her out. So there ya go a piece of my experience that hopefully helps you out.