Is he ditching me or is he just plain busy?

A male buddy of mine asked me when I would like to hang out but then he said that he might have plans and that he would. Let me know by the end of the night. Its been at least 3 or 4 days already and still no reply.

P. s he is slow to reply in general and has done it before, plus he does work a lot and have lots of friends...

Do u think he's ditching me or is he just plain busy/ seeing if he has other things to do before he confirms with me?

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  • He's not into you. Sorry :(

    • He does work a lot and he has introduced me to his friends and he does go to a lot of business meetings... so why u say that?

    • He hasn't gotten back to you in several days...

      If he was into you he would have made the time. It's not that hard to text someone 'sorry I've been really busy lately , let's do something on _____ '.

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  • Ask him, its been a couple of days, If you still care about him talk to him about it

    • Do u think he's ditching? Or do u think he's just plain busy if he's a very hard working person?
      (He has dome this before btw)

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    • He did get back to me and he was busy with w ork... he. Is a business man and is a hard working guy...

    • I guess you just gotta deal with that then :/ still talk to him a lot though

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  • He's ditching he ain't that damn busy