Why do men get criticized for misogyny regardless of past heartbreak (s)?

I get really frustrated and feel bad when I see people chastising men for being misogynistic. How can you blame them for being misogynistic when for example they have been cheated on? Or broken up with due to GIGS? Or have in general had a bad experience with women? I haven’t even experienced any of these things or been on a date, and I am already worried about these things happening to me, so in anticipating these things happening to me after everything I have seen on the internet, I feel like I am becoming one myself. I didn't intend to be one and didn't want to be one, but just...

People seem to floccinaucinihilipilificate emotional pain so much. No one cares if you have been hurt in the past or whatever, and you still get criticized for being a misogynist.

And I am saying this as a guy who's never been heartbroken before.

The lack of empathy for people who have been heartbroken that I see is amazing.

Yes, this is one of many reasons why I am in therapy: my fear of heartbreak (as a result of having a tendency to worry about possible unfortunate occurrences in the future).


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  • because its no excuse to be hateful. so you picked a few bad women to date so now the entire gender is like that? you guys would have an issue with manhating women talking shit about men because of her past mistakes, its the same issue

    • Actually, I don't blame women for being misandrists as a result either. I know there are a lot of shitty men out there too.

    • The main difference is that I don't floccinaucinihilipilificate emotional pain and heartbreak like most others do. I realize that it's quite devastating to go through that seeing all these people talk about how they feel after getting heartbroken and don't understand how people seem to have very little empathy for that kind of thing.

      This whole "heartbreak being viewed as a good thing for one to experience" is what gets to me the most.

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  • A heartbreak results from the interaction (or lack of it) between just two people.
    Misogyny is a gross generalization, unfounded and hurting others like all gross generalizations.

    A heartbreak does NOT justify misogyny. Nor do 5 heartbreaks.

    I've had a few bad (some VERY BAD) experiences with some women.

    No reason to hold other women accountable for what happened.


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  • Misogyny by definition is
    dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

    Just because someone's been hurt in the past does not justify hate of an entire gender.


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  • Men don't hate women. That's just a word feminists use.
    I'm in therapy because of heartbreak, and because no one ever loved me or will. But I don't hate women, that's not their fault.
    I hate those radical feminists though.

    BTW, therapy doesn't work.

    • It doesn't?

    • Well, maybe if you're really weak, therapy would help you. But, I've already worked out a ton of problems and now I'm stuck, and I don't... Ah whatever, it doesn't work for me. Maybe it works for you.

  • "Why do people get criticized for hating other people despite their reasoning?", should I let you guess or should I just tell you?

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