I have a question for guys with girlfriends who keep staring at a girl?

So there is this one guy who has a girlfriend. He used to have a crush on me (one of my friends told me) but we never spoke. He used to stare at me all the time and even now that he has a girlfriend ( of 1 year) he still does this.

This isn't the first time that this has happened honestly, there were a couple of other guys in my class in college who did the same thing and now have girlfriend and STILL make a lot of eye contact/ stare at me.

I am not vain and I am not going to claim that they like me. But do they just find me physically attractive but love their girlfriends?

I know staring might not mean much to some, but when these guys have been staring at me for like over a year even with girlfriends it makes me wonder.

Thanks for your answer!


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  • We still look m8 if u gota missus u can't let her catch u. I did date a shila once who used to point out the good lookin shilas to me. She use to love a perv.


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