Do I have a chance? Yes or no. Why?

I'm just wondering is there any way I can have a chance with someone from Lebanon? I just find the men from that area really attractive. I'm just worried that maybe because I'm Mexican and obviously not a model figure id never have a chance. Is there a way that a Lebanese guy can ever like me and have a serious relationship?


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  • Lebanon has the highest rate of christians in the middle east so yeah there isn't much that would keep you away from being together with one than with men of any other race really. But it's still like 50% of them that are muslim and then there will obviously be problems as muslims that are truly religious dont date outside of their religion if even that. But you shouldn't worry about your ethnicity being a problem as latinas are generaly considered above average by pretty much all of the world (statistically latina/os are the ones that everyone is a bit into and nobody is unattracted by them)

    • Oh and you shouldn't seek guys that are lebanese as it will limit you a lot and you are basically fetishising a race. I have the same problem with east Asian women as I sometimes am not sure if I like a girl because of her personality etc. or because she's Asian and I have to take a few breaths and think :p

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