There's this one guy in my class... I dont feel good enough?

There's a guy in my class whose attention I caught. He showed signs like
1. Constantly looking at me when he was laughing/smiling with his friends
2. Walks by my side and looks at me when we pass each other
He literally kept looking at me while the teacher was talking and we were just a few feet away and nobody was near me.
3. He kept trying to glance at me while we were sitting down. I sit behind him so I saw when he kept turning around. We sit in the back so it was kinda obvious since nobody sits behind us.
4. His friends were talking and they pointed in my direction and said "am I right?"
5. I was with my group during class and some guys made me laugh and I kept seeing him looking at me.
6. He was talking and walking with some friends and he suddenly stopped talking and we made eye contact.
Problem is !!! I dont feel good enough. He's out there meaning outgoing and since things happened to me , My self esteem went down and I just feel like why would he want anything to do with me. He's drop dead goodlooking while i'm just me.

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People have told me I'm pretty etc but I guess it's all in my head. I just keep telling myself that i'm not good enough.


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  • Don't worry, he's probably thinking the same thing. If you weren't good enough, then why would he be going out of his way to pay attention to you. He's giving you hints that he likes you, so now its your turn.

    • Thanks:) I just dont want to make a fool of myself if I'm wrong. I might end up paired up with him in the future and I'm going to
      Have him for a whole school year.

    • Then just give small hints, so it can be interpreted as either being friendly or saying you like him

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  • You might just make all of this up in your head because you like him. I mean I look at girls in my class all the time during lessions because Im bored and have nothing to do so I just look around but that doesn't mean Im into any of them.

    • You're so true. I shouldn't make any assumptions only if he makes a move.

    • Exactly dont get worked up ya know :D. And also you are under 18 so you shouldn't bother about that sort of stuff anyways. Focus on being happy and having fun and getting good grades instead. Trust me a boyfriend will most likely not give you any of that C,:

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  • If you don't think you're good enough, then you're not. If you do think you're good enough, then you are.

    I suggest working on self esteem issues because it's unhealthy to be in a relationship if you don't love yourself first. You cannot love others until you love yourself. Also, guys do not like to hear about how "ugly" girls feel or constantly asked "why are you with me? I'm not good enough." Most guys don't like insecure women. Not young guys, and not as you get older.
    I probably sound like a complete bitch, but when young insecure girls get into relationships, depending on the guy, she will do the stupidest things for his validation or admiration. I never dated as a teen, but I seen how my friends who were completely insecure did the dumbest shit to be with guys. Even insecure adults do stupid things. Insecurity and lack of self confidence is the WORST and until you correct it alone, I suggest you to not date. It will prevent you from being manipulated or used or get your heart broken.

    So let me reiterate. If you don't think you're good enough, then you're not. But if you change your mindset, and you think you are good enough, then you are.

  • Omg I went through the same thing a few times and yes I'm under 18 but he likes you most definitely

    • Hah thank you. I hope everything went well with you.

    • Lol they did and I think it will with you because yolo