Homecoming... Is a girlfriend worth losing a friend? (or two..)

So here comes homecoming dance! My friends are there. We all head in, but Hannah seemed a bit nervous. We assumed she's just worried because her crush Mike was there. So we all broke off. Me and Liz happen to go into the same direction. Suddenly Liz takes me to the side and just leans on me. "You have to promise me one slow dance, you know." she says. I agree, but then ask why. "Because, I like you alot, and you're cute." I was absolutely shocked and might have blushed a bit. I told her that I felt the same way and then she smiles at me and holds hands with me, and she drags me back over to our group of friends. Sarah and Hannah are just staring at us. "What... is going on?" Hannah asked. I managed to dodge the question.

Mike had just found out that Hannah liked her and was willing to dance with her if she wanted to. Hannah was really upset for some reason and just denied it. A slow song comes on, we saw Mike and this other girl dancing together. Hannah gets angry, and demands that I dance with her NOW. We danced towards them. By looking at her expression I could tell she was trying to make him jealous. The song ends. It didn't work. She and Sarah (bffs) just walk away.

Then ANOTHER slow song comes on, and Liz pulls me aside and we dance. Hannah and Sarah then discovered we were a couple by the time the party is over, and she gets even more angry! See, Hannah and I liked each other a year ago for a while, but then we decided to just be friends. But me and Liz guessed that she still liked me and just never told me. Before Hannah and Sarah leave, one of them punches me in the back. I pretended I didn't feel it as to not make a scene.

So afterwards, Liz, Ron and I go to see a movie. We enjoyed it and had a great time, and I scored a few hugs from Liz. "I'm your girlfriend, right?" she asks. I nod and smile, we hug. I get home and I feel great, but... I just got a girlfriend, but might have lost two of my best friends. Did I do the right thing? I don't know..

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  • You messed up by dating 2 girls from your friend group. That creates a lot of drama.

    • I see... Thanks

    • Yeah seriously. You thought it was a good idea to date two girls that are your friends, that are friends with each others, in a row? You thought there would be no drama?

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  • It doesn't sound like any of it is your fault, but I would still check with your friends to make sure everything is all good.


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  • Well... It depends on how special that girl is. I ruined several friendships over this one chick and I have to say yes it was totally worth it. Ain't no such thing as bros befor hoes in my mind haha

    • She's very special to me. We have the same interests and hobbies (art, anime, video games, etc.) and is the only girl I've ever met quite like that. She's also very daring and energetic, and I just feel a lot more confident, happy, at home around her. :)

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    • Thanks for your opinion! I would hope not though, because I would hate to see either of them get hurt because of me :(

      Also because I don't think I'm much to fight over. XD Like, Liz and Hanna in the story above both have said I'm cute, but I myself don't see it. Most guys at my school are muscular or handsome (you know what I mean. I'm not bisexual) but I'm tall and skinny, but most importantly black. They're both white, btw. :l I'm confused now haha

    • Yeah it's a tricky spot you are in bro. I'm sure that if you are as good of friends with them as you say they will be able to continue being friends with no problems. by the way I find that girls are sometimes more attracted to thin, tall men than muscular men. Also you are a forbidden piece of delicious dark chocolate to those girls haha. you got it made in the shade bro haha.