What in the hell do I do now? Ignore him or?

I have been talking to this man for about a month now. I met him at my local bar and wasn't expecting nothing from him what so ever. I don't go looking for relationships their just so you know. lol We had a great night he spent the night we cuddled and kissed but did not have sex because i had told him early on that i was not interested in doing so. He took my number and we have been talking eversince. He calls me almost everyday, he texts quite frequently. I rarely ever text him first he has been the pursuer in that area. Down fall to such an incredible man is we live twenty min away, he works out of state as a construction worker and has no lisence due to prior mistakes. And is only in his town on the weekends. I seen him two weeks after the first time and spent the night at his place he got to 2nd base and i told him i wanted commitment before i have sex. He was so respectful about it and understood what i wanted. and is still very engaged in the texting and calling deal. He told me he is falling for me and respects me as a person. He says he misses me all the time but my question is why is he wasting time doing this I want him to put effort into seeing me more so we can get to know eachother. He talks a lot about resisting me because he's scared but i'm just as scared. I see that this is pointless so i told him my phone is getting shut off for a week and he says ill be missing our conversations all week. it's gonna be hard. Mind you he is comming back to town this whole week. My mind is fucked up to say the least. I am very independent so it won't be to hard to forget about him but i felt this was something different, maybe more special but idk? Hellllpp


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  • If you are serious about the relationship one of you will have to move. But if he has other commitments or he isn't able to drive then you'll have to be understanding or decide you want to be with someone who is available to you more often.