GIRLS ; If a girl KEEPS ON flirting with group of guys, but the SAME TIME she is QUIET / less flirty with a particular guy of the group?

As the question states above, why would a girl do that?

Especially if the girl flirts with many guys RIGHT IN- FRONT of the guy she is NOT flirting with.



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  • Well for one she does not feel the need to prove anything to that particular guy she is not flirting with because she has no interest in him. Or (this maybe a little chance) if that guy has had any relationship or are talking or have recently got into a fight with that girl or she's just plain immature , then she is trying to make him jealous. In all conclusion don't associate with dumb broads!

    • Thanks :-)

      SUPPOSE u were the girl and u met all the guys for the FIRST TIME and u instantly flirt with all the guy's except that one guy...

      What's YOUR opinion about him?

    • So I think she's not attracted to you, anyway who would like to date a girl who flirt with a group of guys she doesn't know.

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