Met a man through mutual friends at a wake?

He has waited a bit and then got talking to me and asked me out. Is it bad that he's done that seeing as I met him at the wake? I know people meet at weddings,, but a funeral? I dot know if it refects on him badly that he's done that


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  • I don't call a 'Wake' a Way of picking up a guy or girl, however, with the deceased just laying there, friends and family and acquaintances gathered around, remembering him or her, it is a Nice Way to bring everyone together.
    I have been to many of these not so 'Nice' occasions and we all stand around, talk, remember, mingle and just try and console one another at a sad time like this.
    No, there is nothing wrong with it. It is a time perhaps in which it was your Time Here, dear, for God to see fit with when One door has now closed for someone else, another one has opened for Another to begin a potential new life...
    Good luck. xx

    • yeah maybe, that's a very poetic way of putting it. thank you :) xx

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    • thank you x

    • :)) xxoo

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  • No, you can meet people anywhere, funerals are still social interaction, if you personally have an issue with it due to some societal and/or moral hangup that's your problem and if that hangup stops you from meeting a potentially compatible partner than it's your loss.

    If it's some kind of bullcrap validation you're after than suck it up and re focus on whether your conversation with him so far has lead you to believe there is attraction between you two and is that attraction worth perusing, prioritize self fulfillment before social taboos, you're the only one holding yourself back.

    • Okay, I just wasn't sure if it was appropriate or not. And thanks for your answer, you could maybe word it in abit of a nicer way even though I get your message. Feels like a bit of an attack lol

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    • Oh okay in that case I'm sorry! Hard to read tone through the internet. It was good advice, thank you :D

    • on second reading it was def my bad. Just ignore me haha

  • Does it really matter where you met him? Are you assuming you will associate this sad event forever with that relationship now?
    As for your question, only if you think it does.

    • No not that I'd assiociate them together. I obvs wasn't looking my best though since I'd been crying so I was pretty surprised.

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    • Well, in the end it's of course about how you feel about this, and you're the expert on that.

    • okay thanks. I guess ill just be honest

  • It doesn't matter at all where u met him
    he might be the love of ur life
    so don't ruin it
    give it a chance and be comfort


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