Triangle Love story.. What you suggest?

I met this girl few months back and we started seeing each other and kissing , and other intimate things came naturally...

Then when i told her that I have feelings for her , she said she was not looking for any thing serious... and that she considers me a good friend (FRIENDZONED, of course)
I tried to make my self understand and suppress it after a while...
She talks to me almost every single day...
Few weeks back , she told me she has feeling for one guy whom she is seeing from some time...
She misses him a lot..
And suddenly , all my feelings came back.. I did not know what to do.. I meet her every week due to some official reason... But, it hurts...

I want her to start feeling for me , but i can't WANT such things to happen... Neither my feelings for her are stopping which is issue.. I also tried seeing other people, but it did not work


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  • This is so classic of just how love is! If we weren't so conditioned to want so badly the things we can't have, we'd experience so much less heartbreak. I'll try putting this in perspective by saying if the shoe were on the other foot and it was HER who had such feelings for you, probably wouldn't be as ga-ga over her as you are right now. Only reason you are is because of this challenge you now have in getting her. So what should you do? Consider the things she's done that have only made you want her MORE... and do the same to her. For instance, don't reveal all your feelings. Don't always be at her beck and call. Make her realize how possible it is she could lose you (to another girl especially). As this is whats going to make her sit up and take notice of you (not expressing how on love with her you are- as then she'll only take advantage of you). So pretend that you're giving up on her and move on with your life. May seem hard at first but is really all you can do if you want there to ever be a chance of you getting her. Matter of fact, I would guess the only reason she in so into this other guy is because he doesn't want her as much as you do! lol. Swear, I could write (yet another) book on this subject and is what gives the phrase 'we only want what we can't have' such true meaning. Good luck! ;)

    • Think about it (as you said it yourself) "she told me she has feeling for one guy whom she is seeing from some time... She misses him a lot.. AND SUDDENLY, all my feelings came back" I emphasized you saying "and suddenly" so you'll realize just how powerful someone's availability (where we are concerned) determines the kind of feelings we have for them. Consider how you would feel had (after u told her your feelings) she had jumped into your arms expressing the same love for you and thus not left your side since... guarantee youd be second guessing your feelings for her, lol. And certainly wouldn't feel as in love with her as you do right now... and is what has you instead feeling so obsessed and in love with just the fact that you dont (have her).

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    • I understand what you say...
      But i think soon she will anyways get in relationship with this another guy... And that makes me sad , anyways...

      Also, she already considers me a good friend , as i have told already FRIENDZONED..

    • I sympathize with your sadness but don't be so discouraged. Just because you're friend zoned now doesn't mean you can never be anything more. Friends often times are our best potential lovers even though they may take years to unfold. Never lose hope... its not like she's your sister. lol ;)

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  • dude you're wasting your time... just move on... she's interested in someone else

    • Then she initially had FUN with me?

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    • I disagree. In my opinion no woman sleeps with a man (or would waste her time otherwise) with a man she has absolutely no feelings for. Matter of fact its only natural that we (more often than not) acquire such feelings if and when we do become intimate with a man. All this is under the assumption the girl isn't just some hoe, lol. Because there are some hoes out there who do sex with men they couldn't care less about but giving this girl that benefit of doubt will say this is just classic case of the wanting what we can't have scenario. In regards to the askers feelings for the girl as well as the girls feelings for this other guy.

    • Remember, LOVE IS BLIND. Often times our true happiness (in love) is right before us and we fail to see it becuz we're being 'blinded' by another light of someone who's shinning it for not even us, but someone else! And such my friends is how life is (sometimes)... DOH! lol

  • give yourself time and remove her from you life, avoid her if you have to. It's unfair to you. just move on, she's not into you

    • Hmm i try to do that..
      Is not there any one to get her? :(

  • Just let it go, honestly. Do you know how many other girls live on this planet? She isn't your first and last.

    • I know that and i try to. but thats why a person feels for someone , because there are many around , but you still have heart for one

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    • @fabulouslyme It's too late now to thumbs up you old wack bitch. Take your old ass and attitude off of this website, you're useless.

    • This an opinion based website tht allows me 2agree/disagree &comment on anythng said. Tht U (Letstrend) hv come at me w/sch hostile ugliness is irrational ¬ at all justified. Sad whn people allow strangers 2get thm so bent outta shape &wht I said isn't evn tht bad! Yet apologize anyway as mkng u this upset wsnt my intention! Also apologize 2Asker since thr inbox had 2b spammed w/your spewed insults at me also -whch I fnd rathr humorous by the way, lol. Altho do wnt2 compliment u as I agreed w/smthng u said &believe applies 2this situation here (as I quote u) "Just let it go, honestly." Wht GREAT ADVICE cuz we'll not keep quiet! We're here 2offer our opinion &express our differences wch is smthng I can appreciate. Its wht mks world better place! How boring if we all thought the same, or like u? Not sure if I was 1st person 2disagree w/u but guarantee I wnt be last! So DEAL WITH IT &if u cnt thn u can leave! can't control us! We'll not go anywhere! Nor can u mk us! ;P

  • Cut her off completely until ur over her block her off social sites your phone and stop hanging out with her


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