Crush points out my flaws?

I have a huge crush on one guy. He knows about it and we're going out sometimes, we talk and chat a lot. Yesterday he told me he "kinda likes me". When I asked him what did he mean by "kinda", he said it's because I make stupid faces while talking. It made me feel really bad because I'm a very insecure person and hearing something like this from a guy I like is very painful. Later he realised he's said something wrong so he added it's actually cute too but weird. I don't know what to think about it, he seems to be sorry but he clearly thinks it's a flaw. Obviously I can't change my face so what should I do? Why is he being like this?


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  • I don't think he meant it as a flaw, I think he just has a hard time describing what he means.
    I think he means, the faces you make are unusual (weird/stupid) to him and he finds them cute/attractive. Otherwise it wouldn't be the reason for him kinda liking you.