How can I be more attractive to women and make friends?

I consider myself a very ugly person, inside and out, I don't have many friends either so it's extremely hard for me to make friends, I regularly get my eyebrows done, hair cut at the barbers, nice designer clothes but I still can't make friends let alone get a girlfriend, I'm not shy or unconfident either, I just know I'm not attractive, when I was 12-14 I made a name for myself in high school cause a girl used me for attention and made me out to be obsessed with her albeit I only saw her as my best friend. Now at 17 I moved to a new college I found a group of 5 friends thatare guys, but I'm still struggling being ugly and meeting girls, any advice? 😊


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  • Ugly inside how? If you're a horrible person, then there's not much you can do is afraid. Are you mean to people?

    • I try to be nice but people see me as needy, I can't really say because I've had a few friends for the past 4 months, I don't try speaking to people as much I stay kinda reserved but I talk quite a bit if you understand :)

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    • What age do looks become irrelevant? 😂

    • Honestly, you'll always have the odd girl who doesn't care about looks at all, at all ages, but when you get to your twenties they care a little less, and late twenties even less than that.
      Looks will always come into play though, because if she thinks you're ugly how will she kiss you.
      Grooming and confidence are the most important at any age. You've got the grooming down, so it's just your confidence. You see these slutty guys with new girls every other day? The way they get them is by always hitting on girls, some will even ask multiple girls each day for their numbers. See the more you approach the more luck you'll have.
      I have known plenty of guys who without their confidence and grooming would definitely not be getting any girls, but with it, they get girls non stop.
      Just fake it. Fake the confidence, and it will come.
      Just be careful of girls like the one who pretended to be your friend :/

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  • You're 17 mate:

    >Go to parties where there are females
    >Get drunk
    >let nature take it's course

    Victory favors those who actually try rather than those who mope around in cockfests with their mates. If you want to meet females, got to social gatherings where there are females and talk to them, they're humans just like you and not all of them are petty cunts and/or childish like your mate back in school and looks count for fuck all in reality, believe you me, I've seen some straight ugly dudes with stunning Mrs (and vice versa) because they were just compatible. This is life not a movie, it's less important to most people how you look and rather how you act.

    But that's a lesson you'll have to lean on your own, I'm of the opinion you're either born with it or you ain't.

    • Any ideas on how I can find out about events and parties? Sorry I never got to experience this at a younger age so I'm clueless

    • Generally word of mouth through social connections, and since you're presumably in high school (if that's the age in your country) there is likely to be people throwing parties most friday/saturday nights as well as music festivals, blue light dances and underage nights at clubs in your city (there were and are in mine) that cater to late teens. Facebook is another good social tool for connections as well as sports, or any kind of social activities your preferred kind of woman (or girl) and her 'type' of people are into. Also, never underestimate the power of social drug use if that's your bag, say what you want, uppers bring people together, just stay away from any drug you have to smoke or IV besides weed (Important to not I'm not advocating breaking and of your states laws, that'd be illegal). Sites like Meetup. com are a (lacking) place to find social scenes in your city.

      If you want it, you'll find a way.

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