What is the TOP 5 qualities or assets your heart desires in your ideal partner? it can be anything, literally?

it can be as stupid as longated face to his annual income. anything you personally place of value.


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  • Ambition
    Faith in Christ
    Beautiful physically


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  • - Open minded/ not judgmental

    - Tolerates my rants/ anger

    - Funny/easy to laugh with

    -not afraid of being silly or putting themselves out there

    -understands that I get lots of anxiety and is okay with just sitting around and doing nothing with me

  • Personality&stuff:
    Affectionate- I love getting kisses, hugs, holding hands, getting told I'm cute at random moments. All of that.
    Kind- I don't want a partner who is an arsehole to everyone and insensitive to my feelings. He should be nice.
    Passionate- I would like him to have a sort of passion. Be it music, art or he just likes knowing different languages. I find that makes a person more interesting.
    Knows how to drive- I HATE playing chauffeur to others and I HATE always making the trip to someone.
    Intelligent- Not gonna lie, this turns me on. I dated a few engineers.
    Sense of humor- One that's similar to mine. Hopefully, he makes me laugh and I do the same for him.
    Can cook- Omg, yes. Just yes.
    Open minded- I'm pretty odd and have weird ideas & opinions so I want him to be open to that.
    Not overconfident- Confidence is nice but I love a little shyness in a guy. Shows he can be humble.
    Is a different ethnicity that me- It's a nice change!
    Isn't afraid of weirdness- I'm weird, I want to be weird with someone and derp out. It's fun.

    -Black, straight hair (a bit on the longer side)
    -Dark brown eyes or light brown
    -Full lips
    -Charming smile (no extremely crooked teeth for me, sorry)
    -At least the same height as me or 2 inches taller (I'm 5ft4)
    -Have some muscle tone (at the least have some arm or chest/abs definition)
    -Wears glasses sometimes
    -Has a tall nose

  • Honest, Someone that always tells me the truth even if it will hurt me

    Patient, Someone who is patient with me and realize It will take some time to build trust

    Intelligence, Someone who is smart and I can have an intelligent conversation with

    Good sense of humor , someone I can laugh with

    Kind, someone that is kind to others

  • Mutual sexual, mental and emotional attraction. Lives in my area and close to same age.

  • a good heart, intelligent, sense of humor, loyal, well-mannered.


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