What does a guys Facebook status mean?

So this guy has been with this girl almost 2 months, he hasn't changed anything on facebook, not even his status. But all the other girls he's dated, he's changed his status and even his profile pic to a pic of he and them! what does this mean for the current girl with no representation?


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  • Well, for one he could have figured that facebook, text messages, instagram, and all that crap does not help a relationship, and that you need to MEET the person to talk and hang out instad of text all day?
    ALSO some of us simply does NOT care about FB (anymore). My latest post is from arround... i think it's in 2013 or something? Not really sure. Anyway, point is some of us don't care about facebook. Because Facebook doesn't speak about a relationship, real word emotions does!

    So as long as he cares about you then it does not mean a flying fuck!

    So can we all take a step back and realize we're fucking up our lives by this need for online approval. Facebook statuses, thumbs, likes, selfies... it's not helping you at all. In fact they have PROVEN Facebook makes you depressed (or at least more depresssed than what you would've been without it)!!!

    (i'm not even sorry for the language)


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  • Facebook is the bane of human existence.

    It means nothing except $$$ for Markie Zuckerberg.

    Confront the guy in person and ask him if you really want to know, his FB is meaningless.

    People say they're "married" to their best friends all the time when they're really not. And other such examples.

  • He is treating you differently. That can be very good, or slightly bad. Take a chance with him. He probably wants you to respond somehow


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