Could he like me or should I take this as he isn't interested?

Last night I drunk texted a guy I have hooked up with a couple times and he was texting me back, but pointed out how drunk I was. He said be was sober and was staying in that night. I told him to come get me and he said just to come there if I want. I think I fell asleep then because I didn't text back and woke up in my room. I apologized for texting him in the first place and for not responding to his last text. I also said I'm sure he didn't want me to come anyway cause I was way too drunk. He texted back right away but all he said was "it's ok". Should I take it that he isn't interested? 2 nights ago he came to my room at 4 am and we just slept, he didn't try to do anything with me and then gave me a kiss in the morning. We haven't had sex, our hookups have been just making out although he has tried to make them go further.


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  • He probably didn't want to possibly be called out for rape if you were drunk and things had gotten to that point. If he likes you in that way it was probably best to keep you away while you can't think straight.


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