In love with boyfriend and another girl?

I am in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of a year, and I love him very much. I have never thought about being with anyone else, he was the only one I thought I would ever want to be with. I have always questioned whether I am straight or bi, but always with a hypothetical situation. I never had a crush on an actual girl before.

However, recently I have met a girl that is absolutely amazing and I can't stop thinking about her. I just want to kiss her and cuddle her and be with her so badly, but at the same time I love my boyfriend. I can't stop thinking about her but I can't just break up with my boyfriend and be with her because
1) I love my boyfriend and I couldn't imagine a world where we weren't together
2) I've never explored my sexuality before and I don't know if it's just a crush or I'm actually interested in girls.
3) She's kind of damaged and falls in love quickly and doesn't take relationships seriously

I'm not the kind of person who falls in love with people easily, so it took a while for me to fall in love with my boyfriend, so me saying that I love him is not something that I take lightly. I am not in love with the girl, but I feel like I could be. I don't know how to deal with this situation! I just know I don't want to break up with my boyfriend but I also really wanna explore my sexuality with her :(


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  • As you go through life you will have temptations, and this thing with the girl is one of them. To be blunt, leave the girl to your sexual fantasies only and stay with the one you love. Why? You mention several times you love your boyfriend and then that this girl is 'damaged'.


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  • This is precisely why I will never date a bisexual woman.

    You don't love your boyfriend so don't peddle that nonsense, secondly I actually think it will benefit you to break up with your long distance boyfriend and focus on this woman. You are clearly confused as to your sexual orientation and I think it be of huge benefit to you to explore yourself sexual horizons and experiment as a form of self discovery.

    Life is a journey about self discovery, so I say go and discover yourself.


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  • If you're really interested in pursuing this other girl, you need to be break up with your boyfriend first. It will be hard, but if you feel like you need to explore your sexuality and see where it would go with this girl, that is what you need to do.

    And be honest with your boyfriend about how you are feeling! Tell him about these feelings that you have been having towards this girl, and that you may be questioning your sexuality. He may be more understanding than you think!

    I hope that either way it turns out well for you! Good luck! :)

    • What if she wants to have kids in the future? She can still be with his current boyfriend. Can two girls have kids? Nah. She loves her boyfriend. Also why break his heart when the other girl doesn't even feel anything like that?