Is he lying about liking me? Or does he really like me?

Friday night I was hanging out with the guy I like and we were both pretty drunk. We hung out the whole night together going from party to party. He told me he really likes me and that he wanted to get with me since the first time he saw me. We hookup and have sleepovers but haven't done anything besides cuddle and make out. FrI day night he came back to my room and slept here. He didn't try to hook up just cuddled all night and kissed me in the morning before he had to leave for practice. So he's really nice to me and says all these things about how much he likes me when he's drjnk, but then doesn't text me hardly ever. If I text him he will always respond and we have a nice conversation but he doesn't initiate communication which you would think he would if he likes me as much as he says he does.


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  • Like @AwkoTaco20 said he might be a bit afraid. Plus he can be a bit shy to initiate. Unless he's not that type of guy...

  • He does but he's pretty much got his game down pretty good, because he know ab that if he's to needy with you it will annoy you and if he does initiate the contact it will have you where you are now, which is wondering if he does or not which I'm sure you find to be a bit attractive bit annoying at the same time. Talk to him about this and go from there


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