Becoming friends without benefits?

I went on a date with a guy a couple of months ago that ended up as a one night stand. However, we both had a lot of fun just chatting with each other and came to a sort of unspoken agreement that we'd be FWBs. I've started to develop feelings for this guy whilst he's still saying he doesn't want anything serious. When we're together he acts like my boyfriend but the rest of the time we just act like friends. I know that to avoid getting hurt I've got to stop seeing him, but he's a really great friend and we have a lot of fun.

Do you think it's possible to go from being FWBs to just being friends? Or will it always be awkward?


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  • I think it possible and I'll only be weird if you make it weird

  • Why would you want to give up FWB? and yes it always will be awkward. you can either cut off contact or just enjoy the feeling of being in a relationship without being tied down. Feelings are normal in an friends with benefits relationship, what you do is never talk about it. your case is a little weird because most FWB's were friends first, but you dated the guy then had sex then became FWB... makes it hard to know if you should use the Dating-Friends strategy or the FWB-Friends strategy.


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