He left me hanging... Why though?

SO there was this guy that I liked and I saw him over the summer we were pretty good friends, Then i asked him out through a fb message... like he saw the message but never replied, and now when I see him in the hallway, he like looks at me like he hates me or like I did something really wrong or like he is disappointed in me. This guy literally just walks by me like Im below him, When i used to say hi to him he would always have something funny to say. if I say hi now, if im lucky I might get a hi back... Can someone explain this logic please? What did I do wrong?


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  • I have no brilliant brainer as to why he is now putting you on his pay no mind list with his rude and crude boyish behavior, sweetie. And with you just merely 'Asked him out through a fb message,' I find him quite peculiar.
    Ignore him now. Give him a taste of hi sown bad boy medicine. If he wants to treat you like that, two can play at his good for nothing game... consider him not even a Facebook friend, but a fair weather friend you should Now press a button and delete... I have a sour ball in my mouth about this one, you should too.
    Good luck. xx