Girls could you please define confidence?

What is this confidence that women are always saying that it's an attractive feature in a man


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  • - Expressing your opinion freely (even if it might be somewhat unpopular, but don't be an ass about it)
    - Maintaining steady eye contact (no shifty eyes or looking down)
    - No fiddling with your clothes/hands/hair, no tapping your feet or anything that expresses being nervous etc
    - Confident voice (no murmuring, no shaky voice)
    - Not being afraid of taking matters into your own hands when having to
    - Smiling (lots of people are self-conscious about smiling because of their teeth and other "flaws" like wrinkles)
    - Not looking down at your feet when you're walking, as well as not having your shoulders hunched up
    - Being able to joke around as well as take a joke without getting offended/self-conscious
    - Not caring too much about what other people say and think about you (but remember, sometimes it's important to take other people's views into consideration anyway, like when they're concerned about any possible bad habits that you have)
    - Wanting to do things your own way sometimes, without asking EVERYONE first if it's a good idea or if it's ok
    - Not being wishy-washy, know what you want. If you don't know what you want, then pretend that you do until you figure it out
    - Being able to ask for help once in a while also shows confidence, though. A lot of people are afraid of asking for help because others might view them as desperate or clingy.

    Those are a few things I could come up with.


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  • For me at least, it's being comfortable in your own skin and, like the other user said, handling situations well. It doesn't have to be a social situation, although they typically are. Confidence can be anything from knowing how to recover from an awkward conversation or being able to laugh at yourself. I think there's a certain level of fearlessness that comes with confidence, but it doesn't mean you have to be a douche about being good at what you're doing.

  • Charisma. Not insecure- knows himself.

  • when a guy is nice and doesn't try to put others down because like that he will feel better.


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  • It's nothing more than being generally capable of handling a social situation. Seriously.