Asked a girl out now it's complicated lol?

So I asked a girl out. I know her well. 5 years well lol and she did the best smile I've ever seen her do. She said maybe, where? And I said I don't mind. Cinema? She said maybe again. So I had to leave after that. I said I will talk to you on Facebook. So I've asked her are you free on Saturday. She said no. So obviously I don't want to say what about Sunday because to me that spuds pushy :/ so when do I ask again and what do I ask next time? Thanks :S


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  • Sometimes a smile from a girl in that situation also means... "I'm just going to give a huge smile and nod because I don't want to hurt your feelings by saying no and making things super awkward"... what does maybe even mean? As a girl, I wouldn't ever say maybe. And if you ask me for a day, I won't say "no" and nothing else.

  • Instead of doing the whole "what about this day? or this day? or this?", it's easier to just ask her when she's free. Once she tells you which days she's free then ask her out :)

    • Thanks :D I know she's interested because of the smile and I jaut need find a day she is free then? Then arrange it for that day

    • Yes, ask her something like "when do you think you'll be free?" and when she gives you some days then pick one and work from there :) Good luck!

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