I have a crush on my guy friend.. Guys please help!?

I have a crush on my friend and he doesn't know. I hide my feelings because I fear to lose him and I know my mom hopes that I can wait till college to start dating. I'm very good at hiding my feelings but when I see him talking with others girls, it just makes me so sad.. I felt my heartbreak when I saw him dancing with this other girl at homecoming.. He didn't ask me to go with him and I tried to avoid him the whole night.. But gosh, he looked soo darn hot in that suit!! I want him so bad and I wish I could tell him I love him more than A friend. When he told me about his ex gfs, I was just like, uh huh? I like to tease him but sometimes I go overboard and makes him mad at me.. Sometimes I act like I don't care for him because I don't want him to know how much I want him. I succeeded, but I'm not happy.. I am sixteen and he is seventeen but we are in the same class. I have A-s on all my subjects and he thinks I'm smart. But he likes to say that I'm a nerd and that my laughs are too scary for a girl. I have this pair of green camouflage slacks and I don't wear makeup. I'm not the girly type of girl. He said I look like a hippie in the camouflage slacks. I don't think he will like a girl who says I love you first. He is tall and hot and he looks good even with glasses. I wear glasses, too. Anyways, I'm thinking of telling him on our high school's graduation day, that is 2 years later, as we are juniors. I can't afford to lose him and I'm afraid he would just turn me down.. How can this work? I'm so confused.. I once told him I can't date till college and he told me he's not gonna date anybody either, because he's gonna a start studying hard. But I sooo want him to want me and I so want him to ask to to snowball and I so want to be his girlfriend!! Please help and advise on how I can work this out!! Thank you soo much!


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  • Don't hide feelings talk to him or somebody else will money in on him and you'll lose him and his friendship.


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