GUYS: Why Would You Ask A Girl To Stay The Night After Sex? But No Sex After?

i've been seeing this guy, he's 25, we had sex and then we went out afterwards. i was going to just go home by myself and he asked me to go home with him. i figured he wanted to have sex again.

but we just ended up watching a movie, cuddling and talking, then slept together in the same bed. with the same blanket, he even gave me the better pillow (he offered). next morning i thought he would want morning sex but he didn't initiate anything, we just talked and cuddled until he had to leave for work.

i mean i wouldn't share my bed with a guy unless either we're dating or we're extremely good friends. to me sharing a bed is a different kind of intimacy that's not sex. sex is just sex. lol.

any insight would help!


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  • If a girl will have sex with me, she deserves to be able to spend the night.


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  • I am not so petty as to make someone get up and leave. Let them sleep.


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  • I think you found a good man. I believe that he is interested in a long term partner and relationship. I think he is showing you that you are more than a piece of ass to him. He knows that there is plenty of time and will be plenty of sex with you. I think he loves you Sweetie.

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