Questioning whether he is interested or not?

he asked me out. we agreed that today would work on Friday we texted this morning and havn't heard back from him since. This morning he didn't mention anything about our date. Since we didn't agree what time or anywhere specific we would meet I'm having second thoughts about him wanting to see me? should i wait for him to contact me? i need some advice! thanks.


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  • He could be waiting for you to make a move. Just text him and say "hey do you still want to hang out?" If he doesn't reply then just move on because he's not worth your time. If he replies and says he's busy, you don't really need to reply.

    • thanks im still debating on whether to ask him or wait bc of what i responded to the guy above.. if you can read it.

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    • maybe he has another date! If he asked you first, i would ask him if he still wants to hang out, because it was his idea in the first plaxe

    • ok i will !! i mean i would rather find out sooner than just be waiting.. thanks!

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  • Why would he not be interested, he asked you out! Maybe you should ask him what time he was thinking or what he wanted to do.
    Just curious, how did he ask you out? I'm always curious how guys ask girls out.

    • i guess i forgot to add that a couple of days before when i said Sunday would be a good day he said "ill let you know because something about his car was wrong" but then on Friday he said it wasn't a big deal and his car would be ok.. but the fact that he was alreayd making an excuse i guess is another thing that made me think this..

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