So I saw this really good looking girl at book store but lost as to what to do?

I was there last night to kill some time before I went to do other things later in the night. it wasn't one of those small book stores but larger big box ones. she was like this blonde really good looking early 20's maybe , but was also with her sister and mother? I didn't really know if I should try and go after her , they both sort of noticed me a few times but it wasn't an environment I'm used to trying to meet girls although a book store like the one I was in , is considered a place to meet people and even had a star bucks in the same building.


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  • Exactly what roastedcat said. Women in general even if you're young enough, usually wouldn't be happy with a guy hitting on her while she's with her mom, but an much older guy? Hell no!

    • I know but on a Saturday night at a book store with her mom and sister also just screams single and desperate. if she had any social options or guys in her life she'd have something better to do , I just felt I still had a chance even with age diff , she noticed I had checked her out and didn't seem upset

    • Not really, I've been to bookstores on Saturday with my mom before and I'm married. If she's newly dating she might be with her guy, but in long term things every Saturday night doesn't mean date night.
      Checking her out and approaching while she's with mom are two totally different things. Maybe if she was away from her mom for a while or something, otherwise no. When guys do that to me, I just feel it's a disrespect kinda, and so do most of the girls I've spoken to about it when I'm ranting when it's happened

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  • Most women dont like when guys that are 10 years older than them hit on them while being with their family at a book store.


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