What kind of girl are metalhead guys into?

I'm really into this metalhead guy. And I kinda want to gauge what kind of chick he's possibly into. I'm sort of a tomboy and I usually just wear t-shirts and skinny jeans with converse. I almost never show any skin. I also don't wear extreme makeup or dye my hair any colors except black. However, I do listen to some metal and the girls in metal bands are... ya know. lol they kinda bare it all and seem really wild. So do you think I should dress a bit like those chicks to maybe catch his attention more? We're already kind of friends and talk to each other.

Oh I also have my ears stretched 2g and I have a septum piercing.


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  • Don't change your personality or aesthetic disposition just to get into a relationship, I mean that's just not long term thinking. My advice to you would be to wear shirts for bands that you think you're both mutually interested in, you know ways like that wherein you tailor how you appear around him based upon his interests.

    • Well, I want him to lay me not love me. I don't mind dressing a different way. Change is cool.

    • That's different then, definitely show off some skin and if you have stuff strut it. Just keep it within reason because while its good for him to notice you're changing your act and look around him if you go overboard he might be wondering if your doing this often enough that its a risk for him getting a std.

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  • Don't change yourself to please a guy. If he's a good guy, he'll like you no matter what you look like. Also, metal is the best genre.

    • I want the D. I need to make an effort.

    • Haha then let him know somehow that that's your goal. Then he really won't care how you dress.

  • All of them haha. Specifically gothy girls are hot though. That's was what I liked back in high school haha

    • So they prefer girls that wear more black, dark makeup and stuff?

    • I mean I used to. People can tell if you re jut a poser though. I liked ll kinds of girls in high school though and generally goth chicks were pretty easy to get haha

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