Guys: Do you text a girl you like everyday? If not, should I be worried?

I'll go through this step by step just to see if I missed something.

So me and this guy met at school about 2 weeks ago (not long at all I know) and he literally asked me to hangout almost everyday that week. When we hung out we would just hang and watch movies, and he never pressured me to do anything (we've only kissed) and I've already met his friends. The guys I'm used to text me every single day all day, but him and I just periodically text throughout the day here and there with short texts. On Friday he invited me and my friends to a party and he was hugging and kissing on me the whole time in front of everyone so I feel like he wasn't ashamed of me. It's Sunday and I haven't heard anything from him? Should I be worried?

(P. S a few days before the party we were talking at school and he said he "normally 'talks' to girls and hasn't dated one in a little over a year") So I don't really know why he brought that up.

Just need some opinions please!


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  • you seem to be in. most guys dont text the girl they like everydaay , but if three days no contact then be a bit worried. if i dont text a girl after three days after no conversation then its a sign im not into them at all..


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  • Na not every day. I try to keep initiation of contact 50/50 between us, not that I pay loads of attention to it. Y'll don't have to talk every day.


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