Question for you ladies, or guys who have been in this kind of situation?

I met a gal about a month ago, while I was out having a couple drinks with my buddies. Took her out dancing, and chatted back and forth with her for a good half hour. At the end of the night, she asked for MY number, which rarely happens to me!

We started texting back and forth, asking the usual get to know each other questions, and find out, that she was recently divorced, and has a two year child. I'm single with no kids, so this is definitely a first for me. From what she told me about herself, I found her quite interesting. She told me pretty much half her life story in one evening! Definitely someone I'd consider dating, however. We ended up going on a couple dates within a month's time, and she seemed genuinely interested.

This is my problem. She lives an hour away, and doesn't come this way very often, because she doesn't get a lot of free time. I've asked her a couple times when I would get to see her again, and she never gives me a date. All she says is that she can't wait to see me again and hopefully soon.. I'm not exactly sure what her intentions are right now. I've tried calling her a few times with her sending a text answer back. She keeps saying she's too busy to talk and that she will call when she has time. But she never does. We talked on the phone for a full 10 minutes once, and that was only to confirm a date we had planned. In the last week, it seems like the conversation has been dying down and I'm the one to initiate it. She seems excited to hear from me, but keeps her answers short. I haven't heard back from her for the last couple of days now. I'm not at all desperate for attention, but she has me concerned. Right now, I feel like all I'm doing is chasing my tail. Like maybe she just likes the thrill of the chase. What do you think of this situation, and what would you do if you were in my shoes?


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  • she has a kid, thats a full time job already, not to talk about her other job. You can always offer to come over (i don't know if you have) whenever she is free or something. or when she can get a babysitter. I've heard that one a lot.."i can't get a babysitter". Me personally, my patience would have worn down. Not because i don't like her but because you can like someone as much as possible but if you don't fit anywhere in their schedule, the attraction will wane naturally, and eventually come to no contact. So i start backing out slowly.