I don't understando how someone can seemake so into you one sec and then almost ignore you the next?

I just spend a week with a guy visiting me from another province. During that time it felt like we had a connection and it felt like we were dating. He even said he had a lot of fun. I haven't heard from him since he left. I'm pretty hurt. Why do guys do this?


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  • It's normal to want a girl very intensely... till you have sex with her!


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  • He most likely considers 'A week' that he spent with you, sweetie, almost like a holiday. He is living in another part of God's country, you could say, and now that he is gone, his heart is also gone, leaving this in San Francisco.
    He probably didn't want this 'Connection' Nor 'Felt like dating' to be any more than it was. He didn't want to get into a LDR of having to do the Next best thing and that was Skype, emails, texting nor phoning.
    I find him rude and crude. He should have told you something to let you know where you both stand. But he chose to leave you hanging, it may as well have been a One nite stand, for he was here today and tomorrow-----I haven't heard from him since.
    For laughs and giggles you could shoot him text. Wait to see if he replies. And if something doesn't seem right in either the message he sends or Continues to put you on his pay no mind list, consider him history and move on... something is sour in Denmark on his end.
    Good luck. xx

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