How do I break out of the casual hooking up stage?

There's this guy that i've hooked up with in the past and every time were together at like parties were always cuddling and stuff but it never gets past that. I think he's interested but he's a very girl shy kind of guy and I think he thinks I just want it to be a casual hooking up thing. All my friends think that he's interested but he doesn't know I am.

What are some things I can do to get him interested/show him that I'm interested in him next time we are together? I can't really text him at this point because it would be very out of the blue and strange.


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  • Well it wouldn't hurt to ask. Personally I don't hook up with girls for the reason why buy the cow who you get the milk for free. If you casually hook up on a regular basis you are free to sleep around without feeling like you are cheating. That's why I don't hook up unless time just a one night stand and I'm not really that interested in the girl in the first place.

  • You sit him down and say, "Motherfucker we are now exclusive."


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