First date!

This guy I like asked me out, I said yeah and he asked if I was going to bring a friend because it would be the first time we met (we met online but we live 20 mins away). And I said my parents wouldn't let me date anyone unless they met him first or my friend came along if I hadn't met him before. He said he'd come and meet my parents because he liked me and wanted to take me out. But now my older sister has put all sorts of ideas in my parents heads and now their saying I can only go out with him if he comes here AND my friend comes along. I spoke to my friend and she said yes but asked if she could bring another friend so she didn't feel like a third wheel. Now I feel like it will scare him off, meeting parents is bad enough and now he has to meet two of my friends too. How can I bring this up without scaring him off? He says he likes me a we text all day and talk online every night. I just think he'll be like, why bother?


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  • I doubt that would be his reaction.

    Let him know that your sister has become concerned, and now your parents have changed the rules.

    He'll have to accept it. And I'm guessing he'll be more than willing to move forward.

    He's into you, and whatever obstacles he has to manage to make it work, he will more than likely manage.

    There are limits to that, but in this particular case I don't think this would be that much of an issue.

    Besides, now it's more of a double date scenario, which is pretty typical.

  • Oh I don't think you will scare him off ;)

    He will see it all on the bright side - he gets to know your precious people earlier than some others might do! Your parents, one of your closer friends. And after all, having a "double date" is way more fun than having to drag around a third wheel. Your friend is correct on that one ;)

    If he really does like you, and I suppose he does, then he won't be scared off by that ;)

    Just get this image into your head:

    Now all the people close to you get to know YOUR great maybe-soon-to-be-boyfriend *g*


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