How do you know I guy is a player? like top ten things that give him away?

just curious, want to weed them out and such, and what makes a guy commit?


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  • Alright. Stop right here. There are NO definite signs. DO NOT follow any list that says such and such are signs he's a player because,
    Firstly, a genuine guy make display the exact same signs however, being the genuine guy he is, he may not even be aware of the mannerisms he is using and consequently the messages he is sending.
    Secondly, a player, if he is good at being one, will never use a single, shall we call it, method. There are always a few ways to go about being a player be that through romantic gestures (basically saying the same thing, romantically, in a 101 ways) or by befriending your friends, gaining their trust and thus gaining your truth (A player knows a girls friends are the key to her trust, get her friends to like you and your half way there).

    So, what to do? Well, observe, watch, test. Always be aware and know he may be misleading you or has a hidden agenda. Do that with every guy and you cut the risk of hurting your feelings in half. I was a player once, I have slept with 207+ ish women, that is most certainly not something I am proud of but I know what I am talking about (How I know the exact number and how I managed to pull that off is another story all together) but listen to what I am saying, we guys may be dumb, no doubt about that, but there are a pattern to how you girls think, what makes you tick and how to get from a stranger to a FWBs in less than no time at all.


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  • Signs a guy is a player.

    1) He'll want to rush things, everything with a player travels at a frantic pace. He wants to spend as little time as possible getting to know, he wants to minimize the expense of getting your panties off.

    2) He'll give you warnings that he's a player when you're together, he may mention that he's tired of dating around, that's he's looking for the one but hasn't found her etc.

    3) He'll acts like the perfect gentleman when you're together and then he'll all but disappear for days, even a week or so on end. He's out playing the field in between taking you on date 2 and date 3.

    4) He's vague and mysterious - you'll ask him a question and you'll get a vague answer in return, you try and get to know him, but he'll only let you in so far.

    5) His social media accounts and phone book will have a lot of girl's numbers. I know a guy at my work place and most of his contacts on Facebook are women he's either had sex with or wants to have sex with.

    6) He takes you to same area on all of your dates. He's a player, he has more than one woman on the go, he'll try and avoid an embarrassing situation of being seen out with a new woman by a woman he's dating. He's basically leading a separate lives.

    7) You refers to you as a friend to others, you're seeing him, you're sleeping with him, but you aren't his girl, you're just one of the few or many he's also sleeping with.

    8) You may have entered a relationship with him and want to meet his friends or his family, but he's reluctant, he makes up excuses.

    Note that any of these on their own doesn't amount to a guy being player, but if you notice several of these traits in the guy you're seeing then the chances the dude is a player.

  • A guy will commit if he thinks you're pretty close to perfect.

    • What if he just got out of a relationship that lasted nearly 7 1/2 years?

    • That may or may not make him more ready to commit. Sometimes people commit on the rebound, other times they look to play the field having been banned from doing so for a long time.

  • if you see a metro sexual in the gym, run


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